Location:      24 54' 14.1" S   152 31' 59.3" E
Depth:          7.7m (15.0m)
Deployment Date:  23/09/2000

This is one of two identical 16-year-old Lightships, each weighing 140 tonnes and measuring 24 metres on length and 8 metres in width. The "Breaksea Spit Lightships" were like small floating lighthouses and marked the position of the Breaksea Spit, which is the northern extremity of world heritage listed Fraser Island. Fraser Island is the largest sand island in the world, and lies to the south-east of Bundaberg. When new, each lightship cost 1.2 million dollars! They used an acetylene beacon powered by 90 "G" size cylinders each, the light from which could be seen for about 17 nautical miles. They are now known as "Lightship 1" and "Lightship II", and act like beacons to welcome a wide variety of marine life to a new home on the Cochrane Artificial Reef.